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Why you need to add a CALL NOW button to your website


If you’re a business owner, you already know that calls are more valuable than clicks. But did you know they’re also growing in popularity? Mobile devices are on the rise and people like to speak to a person. This means that smart businesses will start adding a call now button to their websites asap! Even if you are unable to answer, using Telemation, CRM, and AutoResponder tools like those found in the TW3APP will ensure you never miss another potential customer.  If you’d like to touch base and find out how, call Laurie @ 210-940-4340!

Mobile is the future.

Whether you like it or not, mobile is the future. In fact, if you’re not already on the fast-moving bandwagon that is mobile, it’s time to hop on board. Mobile devices are now the most used device for all internet activity (Gartner). This includes:

  • Searching for information online
  • Reading news stories
  • Visiting social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

The statistics don’t lie: mobile is by far the fastest growing segment of web usage and will continue to be so for years to come. It’s also the most used device for online shopping (which makes sense considering how convenient it is to make purchases from a phone when compared to a desktop computer). So if you want your business page or website optimized for today’s consumers—and tomorrow’s—you should definitely think about adding a call now button on your website!

Calls are more valuable than clicks.

Calls are more valuable than clicks.

It’s true that clicks are cheaper and easier to get, but they’re also less valuable to your business. You can’t see the face of someone who clicks for help on your website, and there’s no opportunity for a personal touch or connection with them. A click might lead to an email or even a phone call, but it never replaces the directness of speaking directly with you from their own phone or computer. And when people reach out over the phone instead of sending an email or filling out a form on your site, they’re usually in a much better place emotionally—and therefore more willing to purchase from you (or refer someone else).

The gap is growing.

As you probably know, mobile traffic is on the rise. According to Google, mobile searches are now over 50% of all searches made online. But this is a trend we’re seeing across the board in search: desktop traffic has plummeted over the past few years and is expected to continue dropping off as more people move their internet usage to mobile devices.

While it may seem like your business will be fine without a call now button since you don’t offer services that require immediate attention (like fast food or quick delivery), don’t write off this option just yet: The gap between desktop and mobile traffic is growing larger every day—and if you want to stay competitive with your competitors who have already implemented call now buttons, you need one too.

People like to speak to a person.

People like to talk to a real person.

People want to talk to someone who understands their situation, can help them and is also friendly.

A call now button can save you money.

You might be thinking that a call now button doesn’t seem worth the hassle. After all, it’s just a button—how much can it really do?

A lot more than you think! A call now button is an investment in your business’ bottom line. Here are nine ways it can save your company money:

  • Reduce customer service costs. Customers who need help with their account or have questions about products or services don’t have to contact customer support by email or phone; instead, they can just click the call now button and start chatting with a representative immediately! This will allow you to reduce the number of hours spent on those kinds of calls each month because customers will be able to get their questions answered quickly and easily without having to wait on hold for an hour or send several emails back and forth before getting an answer from someone qualified enough to assist them (if ever).
  • Reduce marketing costs. Your website isn’t just a place where potential customers go shopping; its goal should also be giving people information so they know what types of products/services are available at all times without having to make follow-up calls later down the road–and that includes when they’re ready  to buy something right away! By including this tool right away instead , those initial questions will always be answered prior making any purchases whatsoever–and thus saving both parties time while simultaneously increasing revenue generation potentials overall due our previous point here: less waiting around means greater efficiency which leads directly into greater profitability margins over time.”

Better conversion with less clicks

A call now button is more effective because it takes one less click. To place a phone call, you don’t have to navigate to the contact form or wait for an email response. You can just click on the call now button and talk directly with your customer service team. This saves time and increases conversion rates as customers are more likely to buy from sites that offer quick access.


In today’s world, it’s important for businesses to be able to reach their customers in a quick and easy way. If you have a call now button on your website, then customers will know how they can get in touch with you right away without having to click through multiple pages of text or make multiple phone calls just to find out if someone is available right now. This saves both parties time and money while helping build trust between company and consumer.

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